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Demo 1985 - 12” Vinyl

Demo 1985 - 12” Vinyl

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In September 1985, with death metal in its nascent stages, San Francisco's newly-formed Insanity began playing an intense mix of warp-speed thrash and technically brutal riffs, unlike anything that had been heard before. By October of 1985 they laid down a live demo tape which quickly made its way through the underground tape trading circuit, garnering rave reviews from fanzines and radio shows worldwide. Shows followed around the Bay Area with the likes of Death, Possessed, & more but due to the untimely death of co-founder and vocalist Joe DeZuniga in 1987, the band was unable to produce a proper record and remained underground. However, in the years to follow, Insanity's brand of brutal death thrash would be cited as an influence on such legendary extreme metal bands as Carcass and Napalm Death, with the latter even covering the demo's first track "Fire Death Fate" on their Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 album.
This features the complete 1985 live rehearsal demo, packaged with a full-color 12"x24" poster with rare photos and graphics from the band's archives.

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